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Breda University of Applied Sciences (Formerly NHTV)

Bachelor in Science
Game Architecture and Design

Freelance Animator since 2020, experience working with different clients on animation projects, with positive ratings.

"Kaylee is professional, great to work with, and smart. She understood the vibe of our project and ran with it to create something even better than we originally had in mind. Her animations are smooth and thoughtfully adorable. I highly recommend hiring her."
- Alanna Linayre, Founder Team Toadhouse

"I’m very happy with my animation! You helped me get the content I needed way earlier than expected! Also the animation was super professional and smooth! Good stuff"
- KYD, Artist

Technical Skills






ToonBoom Harmony
Animate CC
After Effects


I enjoy reading a good horror book, fast-paced movies and videogames. You can also always wake me up for a good Dungeons and Dragons session!

+31 (6) 11 441249
Breda, the Netherlands


My name is Kaylee Huijbregts, a freelance artist from the Netherlands.
I specialize in 2D and 3D character animation, and I love illustration.

I also have a basic understanding of 3D modeling,  and 3D/2D rigging. 
Animation is something I feel really passionate about. I take inspiration out of everything around me, seeing one of my dogs do something silly and recreating it is an example of something that I love doing. 
Getting your story out there by creating something people love is one of the most rewarding things there is for me.

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