Superhero Style! is an animated short followig 2 superheroes as they save the day (on a smaller scale).Graduation solo project.


Arboreal is an open world farming and adventure game where you have to save the world and its ancient giants from a spreading corruption.
Created in third year of game development study.


You play as an dynamic duo, made of a bear and a robin. In the hands of our brave heroes rest the fate of... packages. Game Jam 2018 game.


Thrasher is a fast-paced racing game using a custom controller provided by our client Kitesim. 2nd year student project.


Educational student project by Ubisoft. Rabbids: Hotel mania is a VR hotel simulator and puzzle game.



My name is Kaylee Huijbregts, a freelance artist from the Netherlands.
I specialize in 2D and 3D character animation, and I love illustration.

I also have a basic understanding of 3D modeling,  and 3D/2D rigging. 
Animation is something I feel really passionate about. I take inspiration out of everything around me, seeing one of my dogs do something silly and recreating it is an example of something that I love doing. 
Getting your story out there by creating something people love is one of the most rewarding things there is for me.

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